some saturday morning fun

A one-year subscription to Quick Fiction is $13.50.

with new pages!

#1: What’s in it for me?

#2: What’s happening?

#3: What’s in a cover?

A one-year subscription to Conjunctions is $18.00.

I’ve subscribed to One Story since 2004. Plus, I try to subscribe to 3-4 other literary journals. And I mix it up from year to year.

If we don’t subscribe to the journals where we want to see our writing, who will?

For lunch today or tomorrow, make a pb&j and spend your $ on a subscription to the journal of your choice.

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the conversation

Last spring I was trying to find a way to thank readers who took the time to add to the conversation here. One Story, I thought. For one year, I would send the reader who posted the most comments for the month a one-year subscription to One Story, my favorite journal. In addition to thanking readers, I would also be supporting literary journals.

Well that year is almost up. This is the last month I will be giving away a subscription to One Story.

the perfect size for pocket or purse

Commenting on old posts counts. Each comment on a post counts. It’s like the Progressive commercial, only it’s “Counts.”

  • You can start with the list of Favorite Posts on the sidebar.
  • You can use the “search” box to find posts on writers or books you’re interested in.
  • You can click on each of the Categories in the long, long list that decorates the sidebar.
  • You can start at the beginning of the blog–September 4, 2008–and comment in chronological order on each post!

So comment away….

And, again and always, thanks for adding to the conversation.

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your little brother’s red wagon

iStock_000000329564LargeHey, do you remember in elementary school when there would be paper drives? You’d go around to your neighbors’ houses, maybe with your little brother’s red wagon, to collect all the newspapers they had.

Well, I was thinking we’d have a comment drive. To collect all the comments that must be floating around out there, piling up in the rooms of your mind, in the basements and closets. Let’s clear them out and get a conversation going… about all the books we’re reading and lives we’re living and the writing we want to do and the way we have to light a candle before we can get any real work done…

–Great idea!

–I didn’t like that book.


–Wonder if I can find a red wagon.

–Anybody out there agree with me that she’s wrong about that?

–Just taking a look.

little red wagonYou can use only your first name. You can make up a name. You can use all your names, like me. You can think of it as a place to practice your tweets!

I also remember that the class that had the most papers won a prize. Was it an ice cream party? Maybe we should have a prize. Or more than one prize.  Or a prize on the first of each month.

For the most comments for the month. And commenting on older posts will count too. Cool.

And the prize…. How about a subscription to my favorite literary journal—One Story. We’ll be supporting literary journals. Win, win, win.

So thanks for stopping in and let’s start clearing out our brains and collecting those comments.

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one book at a time?

img_1322Well, you can only read one book at a time, right?  Maybe not. 

There’s the book I’m reading.  That for me is the one I take to bed at night.  The one I read after dinner.  It’s the book I want to read just because I do–for fun.  Right now that book is Tim Winton‘s Dirt Music

Then there’s the book I’m reading for my writing.  At the moment this is Leslie Bennetts’ The Feminine Mistake–a must-read for every woman (more coming on this one).  I take this with me when I’m off to a solo lunch or to a waiting situation–doctors, children, airplanes.  I’ll read some in this one after dinner before I allow myself the book I’m reading

Several years ago, when I spent more time in my car and before the advent of One Story, I would choose a book that I wanted to read, but that wasn’t high on my list, and I might just leave it in my car.  It was my car book.  It was the one I would read while waiting.  If it stayed in my car too long before I finished it so that it bothered me that I was still reading it, then I might elevate it to the book I was reading–so I could speed things up a bit.

Then there’s the book on CD for long trips in the car, the book of poetry that I keep by my chair, the book in the bathroom…

If my math is right, and so often it is not, I could be reading 5 books at a time, plus a One Story story. 

Let me know how you read.

Dedicated to l.r.–thanks. : )

one story

My favorite journal is One StoryThat’s what it is.  One story.  At a time.  Brilliant.  Every three weeks, one story arrives in my mailbox.  I always keep a story in my purse.  Or my pocket.  I’m never without something to read.  One Story is the brainchild of Hannah Tiniti and Maribeth Batcha.  The first story was published April 1, 2002.  I just received Story #109.  They publish each author only one time.  They also post an interview with each author on their website.

Some other great short stories I’ve read this year (all available online!):