how we spend our days

Writers in the Series

In The Writing Life,
Annie Dillard wrote,

I have been looking into schedules. Even when we read physics, we inquire of each least particle, What then shall I do this morning? How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. What we do with this hour, and that one, is what we are doing. A schedule defends from chaos and whim. It is a net for catching days. It is a scaffolding on which a worker can stand and labor with both hands at sections of time.

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August: Pam Houston

September: Dani Shapiro

October: Adam Braver

November: Sheri Reynolds

December: Elizabeth Benedict


January: Abigail Thomas

February: Alexander Chee

March: Miciah Gault

April: Robin Black

May: Daniel Asa Rose

June: Lucia Orth

July: Tracy Winn

August: Diane Lefer

September: Louise W. Knight

October: Hannah Tinti

November: Bruce Machart

December: Susanna Daniel


January: Jean Thompson

February: Cornelius Eady

March: Summer Wood

April: Shaindel Beers

May: Kim Wright

June: Robin Oliveira 

July: Robert Boyers 

 August: Heather Newton

September: Heidi Durrow

October: Barb Johnson

November: Mari Strchan

December: Daniel Torday


January: Cheryl Strayed

February: Alan Heathcock

March: Ann Hood

April: William Lychack

May: Marge Piercy

June: Sybil Baker

July: Michael Martone

August: Paul Lisicky

September: Stacy Bierlein

October: Natalie Serber

November: Darrelyn Saloom

December: Dan Chaon


January: Claire Vaye Watkins

February: Dave Malone

March: Dawn Tripp

April: Alexis M. Smith

May: Christopher Castellani

June: Christine Schutt

July: Caroline Leavitt

August: Nichole Bernier

September: Sheri Joseph

October: Thomas Larson

November: Rebecca Makkai

December: Matthew Limpede


January: Jane Smiley

February: Lindsey Mead

March: Robert Boswell

April: Kathryn Craft

May: Sue William Silverman

June: Roxana Robinson

July: Fenton Johnson

August: Ron Carlson

September: Richard Gilbert

October: David Jauss

November: Andrea Portes

December: BK Loren


January: Josh Weil

February: Dylan Landis

March: Erika Anderson

April: Katrina Kenison

May: Richard McCann

June: Judy Pascoe

July: Lidia Yuknavitch

August: Joy Castro

September: Helen Phillips

October: Carmela Ciuraru

November: Josephine Humphreys

December: Sarah Stone


January: Steve Almond

February: Elizabeth Marro

March: Sarah Seltzer

April: Abby Frucht

May: Jodi Paloni

June: David Abrams

July: Sari Wilson

August: Kristopher Jansma

September: Robin MacArthur

October: Jon Davis

November: Amy Gottlieb

December: Myfanwy Collins


January: Sawnie Morris

February: Derek Palacio

March: Mary Miller

April: Karen Brown

May: Jericho Parms

June: Robert Olen Butler

July: Sandy Gingras

August: Donald Quist

September: Kai Carlson-Wee and Anders Carlson-Wee

October: Sophfronia Scott

November: Christian Kiefer

December: Ramona Ausubel


January: Samantha Dunn

February: Debra Spark

March: Andrea Lewis

April: Kelle Groom

May: Elle Johnson

June: Joshua Mohr

July: Becky Mandelbaum

August: Lisa Romeo

September: Cherise Wolas

October: Peter Ho Davies

November: Leslie Lawrence

December: Lesley Dahl


January: Sunil Yapa

February: Tessa Fontaine

March: Mario Chard

April: Margaret McMullan

May: Louise Ells

June: Michele Filgate