I give, from 10-29-09


I wanted to do a post today.  Usually I post much earlier. This is my fourth try.


Each time–writing about a book, about my writing process (ok, obsessed), and even about a single picture I had taken on Tuesday–I was not happy with what I was doing.


I kept wanting to include not one but three pictures. Just a minute ago, I interrupted my last attempt to post so I could accompany my 16-year-old to the door. He was leaving for a late basketball practice.


As I shut the door, I saw the last light of day caught in this dogwood tree. And I thought, I give, as I went in search of my camera.

VCFA visuals #5: a river really does run through it

downtown Montpelier

I have this thing for the ocean. But in a pinch, a pond, a creek, a river will do.

The Winooski River flows through Montpelier, Vermont. From the balcony of the old Victorian, we could actually see the river.

And when I was out running, I discovered the cool bridge below:

the cool bridge

Look one way, and this is what you see.

Look the other, and this is what you see.

day dreams

Several years ago in a used bookstore in Columbus, Georgia, called “Beetlebinders” that now no longer exists, I found a very old book called Day Dreams.
It took me a minute to figure out that the formless white shape on the cover was a genie being released from a lamp. Reading is a lot like rubbing the lamp.
Day Dreams is an anthology of poems selected by Daphne Dale. One of my favorites (by an anonymous author) is titled “The Things in the Bottom Drawer.”

It was published in 1892. For Christmas that same year, Ralph Davis’ mother gave this book to him as a present.

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