I’m so excited to show you the cover for Tidal Flats,

to be published by Yellow Pear Press on 9/9/19!

This is the story of a marriage.

Mary Cassatt Miller falls for famous photojournalist Ethan Graham. But it’s complicated. For months at a time, Ethan’s work takes him to Afghanistan, and Cass, who’s passionate about her job in Atlanta, wants a husband who comes home at night. Then, there’s the issue of family―he wants one; she doesn’t. What they do want is a life together, so Ethan agrees that after three years, he will stop traveling―whether Cass agrees to children or not. In this debut novel, Cass and Ethan must navigate that fine line between the things they want for themselves and the life they want together, and it appears that, ultimately, Cass will have to choose one or the other. 

Edits are done. Copyedits are done. I have new photos and a new bio. I’m now reviewing first galleys.

And, as it turns out, Amazon is like a well-developed character–not ALL bad. And while independent bookstores are always my first choice, if you’re inclined to make a second choice as well, Tidal Flats is now available for pre-order, and the pre-order numbers will help me enormously.

And the coolest thing of all–my son Jack designed the cover : )

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