postcard from provincetown / april 11

I’ve just cleared off my desk leaving only my novel notes, hoping I will focus on that and not set off into one of my twenty-seven other enticing projects, each enclosed in a separate, clear plastic folder. Of course my computer is still on the desk, so here I am. Also, I want to order new pillowcases. The process of getting back into the novel has been tough–realizing I’ve written 4 finished and polished novels since January of 2013–all the same basic story but each with a critically different component. At the end of 2014 the original, in 2015 the original with a voicey storytelling overlay, in 2016 a key event of the story moved to the beginning and another key event deleted, and now in 2017 returning to the original beginning but without the event I dropped last year. So, yes, some low moments. But in my notes, I found a copy of Dean Young’s letter to his nephew Seth Pollins, where he writes that all the time that seems wasted is the time that must be spent. I’ve taped the letter to the wall next to me. Now I’m going to work. Happy spending of your day wherever you are. xo ~cyn

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  1. Ooh, that’s a WONDERFUL quote. Do you think he’s counting the time I spend looking up new recipes for crackers?? I hope so.

    I must organize in the same way, collect all the things that go for each percolating project and put them in a box, then array the boxes on a shelf, and so on. Yes. Then maybe they will be a little less distracting when I’m trying to focus on just one. (Does this really work?)

    Happy novel-ing! Sending good vibes from Maine!

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  2. Ha ha. And my time heading to the kitchen for another snack–I hope that counts too. I’ve used plastic folders ever since I first practiced law back in 1983. It does help. It makes things seem contained. And it also allows me to see what’s contained so there’s no fear I’m forgetting something I’m supposed to be doing. Once I moved my stack of them off my desk last week, I felt a little more in control and able to tackle the novel. So thumbs up on plastic folders or boxes.

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