postcard from provincetown / april 6

Yesterday, when Cal left early, I had lots of plans. But turns out I had no interest in sitting down to work, no interest in starting any of my hundreds of projects. Instead, I washed towels and shook rugs and changed sheets and swept. It’s the first time I’ve stayed in my little house long enough to clean, but I’ve been here 2 weeks and as of today I have 13 days ahead of me still. This morning I woke up and thought postcard. That’s what I want to send. One of the first things I did after I bought my little house was to order a desk. I knew right where I would put it–in the corner of the bedroom. That’s where I’m sitting now as I write to you–ready to dive back into novel #4 one l a s t time. Happy spending of your day wherever you are. xo ~cyn

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  1. Do you ever get distracted by the beautiful view? I remember staring out of the big windows of my 2nd grade classroom. I loved the big tree outside. 🙂 That was the year before they “improved” our school by adding window unit air-conditioners, which also meant removing our big old windows and replacing them with smaller storm windows to hold the units. I love big windows. It doesn’t take much of a view to impress me, but yours is quite lovely!

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  2. Getting distracted by the view is a good thing for me. Too often I keep my head buried in my computer–so whenever the view grabs my attention, I’m happy to get lost in it. In fact, I try to remember to look up. I love big windows too–and big trees.

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  3. I enjoy the view when I’m sitting on my tiny patio. My yard is pretty big, with woods behind it. Our summer goal is to build a big wooden deck, so more than 2 people can enjoy the view together. 🙂

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