this day: february 20, 2016


I’ve been wanting to write to you all for some time now–all of February really and somehow it’s already the 20th. I’ve chosen to let other things take priority–my novel mainly. I just finished a stretch of working on it everyday for six days in a row, and I’m hoping to make it seven later today.

What I’m listening to now: Untold by Daniel Gidlund over and over again, and the ocean

What I’m reading at night: Alexander Chee’s The Queen of the Night

What I was drinking while I was writing this: Chakra #2 An Herbal Tea for Passion and Creativity

What I’m smelling still: Big Dipper Wax Works Clarity Tin Candle

This blog I’m loving: Sarah Bousquet talked herself into one true thing a day for 365 days. I was immediately hooked–what a pleasure to follow along on her journey. Any of you who enjoyed my #1truething project will love Sarah’s too. Here’s her first post, and today’s is #32/365. Please click over to One Blue Sail, bask in its gorgeous watercolor header (a Sarah-and-her-2-yr-old-daughter original), and leave her a word or two.

On my todo list for today: walk, read, write, this post

What I’m having trouble with: I remember it’s 2016, but I can’t seem to understand it’s February. When I write the date, I keep starting with 1.

What I learned how to do a few days ago: make the ‘like’ star show up under each comment

What I’m looking at: oh you know what I’m looking at : )

What I’m thinking about: YOU ALL


Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?

Mary Oliver

20 thoughts on “this day: february 20, 2016

  1. So nice to see you again! I’ve missed you, but it’s nice to know we’ll be treated to your continued truth occasionally. And thanks for the link to One Blue Sail and a new 365 to follow. Yay for the novel!

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    • I’ve been enjoying your posts, Anne–you’re getting close : ) And love your book posts too. Thanks for your writing support–8 straight days of time for the novel, starting to pick up steam…


  2. Pingback: One Blue Sail

  3. I’m so honored to be mentioned here – thank you, Cynthia!! Cheers to all those consecutive days spent working on your novel – so exciting! I keep having the same feelings about time, thinking it’s January not February. Now with this sudden stretch of spring-like weather it’s feeling like April and I can’t believe we have all of March ahead. Still, I’m glad for a good chunk of time before the busy swirling summer arrives. 🙂

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    • Sarah, it was my pleasure to write about your blog. Sorry to be so behind responding to comments, but I’m happy to report continued progress with the novel. It’s really so hard to accept I can’t do everything every day : )

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  4. Love hearing about your writing life. God, with time, I keep flipping back to 2006. We got too far into the 21st century and my brain can’t seem to handle it. Not that it’s a bad thing. Like growing older, it’s better than the alternative. But man it is a time warp. Love that you are listening to the ocean as you write.

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    • Rachel, I love that you’re also having time issues–because I am SO LATE responding to your comment! As I write, I’m listening to the ocean and big winds. Have a great weekend.


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