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During the past year, whenever I would say to Cal that I had no idea what to write about, he would always say, “You can write about how wonderful I am.” Which of course isn’t a true thing about me. Nor is it a true thing about him.

Okay, okay. Truth. Sometimes he is wonderful.

We met in June of 1984 at a Younger Lawyers’ Weekend in Savannah. I had gone with a friend, and she introduced us at the opening cocktail party. But during the party I mostly talked to this other guy whom I had met at the last event and who walked me to my room. Cal happened to be in front of us, and I noticed what room he went into. A few minutes later, when the other guy left, I stuck my room key in Cal’s door lock and continued back to my room. As I was just about to open my door, Cal came into the hall putting on his shirt. He said something like come have a drink with me. So we sat on the steps and talked. For hours. The next morning before he left (he had to leave a day early), we were talking by the pool, and he said sometimes he came to Atlanta on business. I suggested he come just for the hell of it.

On Sunday I went home. Monday morning, no call. After lunch, no call. I went to a friend’s office to say he was never going to call.

When I got back to my office, my secretary handed me a message.


A year later, we were married. ❤️

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  1. Susan, it all happened so long ago, when I found the message, I said to myself, see, it was real. It did happen just like that : ) Thanks for leaving a comment and welcome to Catching Days.


  2. As I mentioned earlier, I’m reading a few random posts every evening as a treat. And I want to know the story of that off-the-shoulder violet/purple dress where you look so gloriously happy and our Cal looks a bit glum. Is he afraid one of those other guys is going to steal you away yet? You rock that dress, Cynthia! This was a fun love story, too. Sigh.

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  3. Hahaha, Kirie–that is so funny. Thank you. I loved that dress. It was 12-31-84, a huge New Year’s Eve and centennial celebration party my law firm was throwing. I believe Cal was having fun; he’s just not a big fan of posing for a photo. Good to hear from you.


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