who she is: 356/365


If you can believe it, we’re down to the last ten posts in this practice. And for these last days, I’m going to look back a bit at the past year–a year in which I joined my selves together–past, present, and future. Mary Gordon said it so well in The Rest of Life (212).

She would be who she is: the past inseparable from the present, but not dominating it, as the hills that rise from a lake and the lake itself make up a whole bordering each other, joining without separation.


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6 thoughts on “who she is: 356/365

  1. Ooh- my days will be the poorer without this series. But my life is the richer for having read them for the past year. Thank you. And happy 2016!


  2. That is a beautiful quote – especially for those of us approaching the end of our 50s, a time of great transition – Thank you. I have enjoyed accompanying you on your journey this year as a reader and will miss your posts when you finish them. However, your inspiration has left an impression and “Catching Days” is one of the phrases I have written at the top of my structure frame for 2016! So thank you again! I wish you a Good writing year and every success with your novel.


  3. Ann, thanks so much for leaving such a beautiful comment. And thank you for being out there reading. I love that you’re using the phrase “catching days” for 2016. Time just seems to slip away faster and faster and those two words remind me to grab hold of each day. Happy New Year to you!


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