4 thoughts on “the monkees: 351/365

  1. Cynthia! As you know, I’ve barely been visiting around the blogosphere 😦 but got such an urge ’cause I know I’ve been missing so much *sigh*

    Anyway, when I saw The Monkees, you bet I was going to read this one 😀 I don’t know why you felt you had to choose either, but I loved both. My “kid crush” was on Davey Jones. How about you? And I STILL love their music! In fact…

    I do a thing I call “Basement Bops” and I have their music on quite a few of them. Here are a few that include their videos. Give yourself a music break and go watch 😀 I am now that you brought up The Monkees and I wanted to give you the links! lol Just scroll down the pages to find them:




    Enjoy! Happy memories! 😀


  2. Donna, great to hear from you. And yes, my crush was on Davy as well. My parents even took me to his boutique in Greenwich Village. And my grandfather took me to a concert–my very first. I enjoyed watching the Daydream Believer video : ) Happy New Year to you!


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