christmas moments: 344/365


When I came downstairs tonight after wrapping gifts for three hours, my daughter suggested I get a better attitude about Christmas. “One day you’ll be gone, and we’ll say remember when Mom hated Christmas.”

For the record, I don’t hate everything about it. I love how the four-year-old comes into our room as soon as he wakes up in the morning, and I love how when I came home at three today, the house was full of big kids and little kids. And then the moment this morning when two munchkins were decorating the tree…


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8 thoughts on “christmas moments: 344/365

  1. Yeah, I’m with you – Christmas-challenged. I admit it – not my favorite. Although I’m pretty sure that has to do with being in retail for nearly 2 (!!!??) decades. Anyway, enjoy the munchkins. They are pretty adorable.


  2. Cynthia, I wish we could sit down over tea or coffee because I’m afraid that just reading this will seem like a sermon. But when I read how you felt after three hours of gift-wrapping I thought, “Good G-D girl, switch to gifts bags and/or buy fewer gifts!” What your daughter said almost made my cry. Christmas is such a special time, full of the possibility of joy and love. Try to eliminate anything that separates you from these feelings. Spend time with your family – reminiscing about holidays past, or reading a wonderful Christmas story. You don’t mention food preparation, but I’d urge you to simplify that as well. Let guests and family help. But, above all, please be kind to yourself. Write a note and put it on your calendar for next year along about Thanksgiving and when you make those lists, cross off as many things as you can that prey on you.
    Merry Christmas, Cynthia!


    • Dorothy, not a sermon at all–I loved reading your comment. Just for the record I was using some gift bags, and I did buy fewer gifts than last year. And next year I will buy fewer still. I believe that Christmas can be a special time, and I do love having all the kids home–big and little. You are so right–I need to simplify so I can enjoy the family. Next year I’m going to do better. Thanks so much for caring enough to write such a thoughtful note. Hope your Christmas was wonderful. And happy new year!


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