4:15 am: 339/365


I wasn’t thinking straight when I wrote about stress back in May. I wasted that word.

There is NO stress like Christmas stress–too much to do in too little time and on top of everything else.

I woke up this morning at 4:15 am and could NOT go back to sleep. I tried for an hour and then got up and started doing all the things I’d been lying there thinking about. And now, my brain is mush.

I checked a lot off my list today, did yoga, and had a visual migraine. Onward.

Ho ho ho.


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8 thoughts on “4:15 am: 339/365

  1. Yeah, I agree! I have to help 6 people at the group home ready for Christmas. Buying gifts, holiday parties and coordinating with their families and day programs to make sure all gifts are bought and everyone’s wishes are met. It is exhausting!


  2. yes, they say its about giving blah blah blah. yes thats true. But there is so much stress that also comes with it. Yes seeing family is nice but why is this holiday making my hair fall out!


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