pillow barrier: 338/365


I like to sleep surrounded by pillows–one for my head of course and then one on each side if I have that many. If I only have two, I keep the extra one in front of me. Feet side open–so not entirely surrounded. I sleep like this whether I’m alone or not alone. It makes me feel cozy, and safe. When I started this project back in January, Kathleen said I had to mention this.

FYI, “pillow barrier” is not my term.


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4 thoughts on “pillow barrier: 338/365

  1. I sleep somewhat surrounded, too, for many years, though for me it’s not the coziness factor so much as support so my body can relax more and I’m more comfortable. It’s difficult for me to have the right pillows though, so when I was in the hospital in July, the pillows they had are “disposable”, but they give you many (I had 7) and they’re small. I was able to manipulate them just right. I still have 3 of them that I’ve been using since, though they’re not going to last forever!


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