my writing space: 337/365

These days I can write anywhere, but usually I’m writing in Provincetown, which you’ve seen loads of photos of, or in my study in Columbus. Which I thought about cleaning up, but… here’s the cluttered truth of it. A kind spiral tour.

my desk

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14 thoughts on “my writing space: 337/365

  1. How delightful! And I do love your “to-be-read shelf.” Looks like mine, only mine is in multiple stacks (thanks to the cats).


  2. I LOVE seeing writing spaces (and art, too). Yours looks heavenly—clutter and all! Ah, being surrounded by books is a wonderful thing 🙂

    And, btw, I’d really like to know how you make these slide shows and post them. I’d love to do it myself. Do you need special software?


  3. Donna, you’re on wordpress, right? So you just start the same way you add a photo by going to ADD MEDIA, and then to the left, select CREATE GALLERY and select the photos to include in the slideshow, and then in the bottom right CREATE A NEW GALLERY, and then to the right click the down arrow on TYPE and select SLIDESHOW. Et voila!


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