4 thoughts on “safe course: 331/365

  1. I’m actually with you on this one. I take a few rare risks, but they’re not physical ones, for sure, and my financial ones (both though small, are for writing’s sake) are extremely stressful. The last time I took risks was back as a teenager. Then I grew up and learned a lot. I also suffered for a few stupid mistakes taken when not considering risks. I don’t know—there are many things to worry about or be afraid of, and I think once you have children, you’re more inclined not to risk anything that matters, right? That’s my take anyway…


    • Oh but Donna, I want to rediscover that part of me and encourage it. I don’t want to sit back with the safe course anymore. We only have this one wild and precious life…


      • oh, I see! Well, I’m guessing it really comes down to what you’re looking for in life and what kind of risks you want to take. I risk things in the struggle to get published and I’ll risk creatively. Things like that. But for me my life is a very stressful, “wild” rollercoaster and I’m desperate for peace. Risk typically stirs things up. I’m wanting more of a lazy river kinda ride. Hell—give me a stagnant pond right now! lol


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