extra work: 324/365


Here’s a truth for you. I used to love Christmas but not anymore. It’s so. much. extra. work. Nevertheless, phase one is complete. Stuff out of attic. Hand towels hung. Wreath on the door. Tree in the stand.


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6 thoughts on “extra work: 324/365

  1. It’s funny; we usually host Christmas for my side of the family and complain about the prep work. This year we’re going to England to celebrate with my husband’s family and I actually miss not having a tree. I’m still running around shopping. Christmas was more fun as a kid. I love that New Yorker cover, ha! Good luck surviving the prep period.


  2. Oh an English Christmas–makes me think of Dickens. I would miss having a tree too, which makes me realize the tree is not the problem, nor are Waterford ornaments for each year we’ve been married or the angels that overlook the piano. Perhaps I just need to cut way back. But how do I not put out the santa clauses when the grandchildren are coming…


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