closer: 289/365


Over the weekend, in our workshop, Steve Almond said, “Being nice doesn’t get you any closer to the truth.”

Cal might disagree, but I think I’m generally nice. 


Until Steve’s declaration, I hadn’t thought about how nice might be at odds with the truth, and how going with nice over the truth day after day, year after year, might be sending my ship in the wrong direction. And then there’s all that Southern politeness. Something to think about.


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2 thoughts on “closer: 289/365

  1. Yes! Nice is just that – nice. Truth is sometimes at odds with that. I’m not trying to be “not nice”, mind you, but certainly as it pertains to writing, I’m thinking it might be helpful to explore a few different gears. Steve’s workshop was just the inspiration I needed to do that!


    • Great to hear from you, Dana! And me either–I’m not trying to be “not nice.” I just find that recently I’m valuing truth higher than nice. Also, a propos of the panel, I’m no longer afraid of pissing people off, or at least some people. And in writing, I’m trying to dig down to a whole new level. It was such fun to get to spend time with you. Looking forward to the next time.

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