in LA: 286/365


today I

wrote a bad sex scene on purpose

drove across the Golden Gate Bridge

flew to LA

took Uber for the first time (I know, where have I been)

ate at Sugarfish with son #2 and his girlfriend

saw Bridge of Spies with Martin Short (okay, not with with, but he was watching it too)

and I have only 4 hours and 20 min before the alarm goes off



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2 thoughts on “in LA: 286/365

  1. I applaud you for the bad sex scene. (Was it liberating?) I, too, drove across the Golden Gate Bridge this afternoon, and that always brings me joy. (It was even more fun because Steve Almond was in the car with me.) I have never taken Uber and kinda hope never to do so… (so where where does that put me?). I hope you had a really nice time with your son and his sweetie. And.. safe and easy travels tomorrow.

    It was SO nice spending a little time with you these last few days! My muse!


  2. You’re too kind, Anne. Writing the bad sex scene was not really liberating but interesting. Such nice symmetry to this: I drove Steve to the conference and you drove him home. I agree about the Golden Gate Bridge. So amazing every time and in every direction–up, down, to the east, and that breath-taking view to the unknown west… I hope seeing you becomes a regular thing!


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