ancestors: 277/365


As part of my on-going photo project, I had the photo of these happy people digitalized. On the back, in my grandmother’s handwriting, I found this: “I think this is my elders on both sides. BHN.” Blanche Hall Newberry.

Blanche (Buddy) was born in 1906. I believe she’s the baby in the front row–looks like her. And she did have a sister. If that’s the case, this photo dates to around 1907. Which makes it the oldest photo I have–over a hundred years old.

Or perhaps that little girl is Blanche’s mother–which would date the photo to the 1880’s.

Does the clothing tell anyone what year this is likely to be? Do any of you have old photos like this?

The man in the light suit on the left is the spitting image of my father. I look a lot like my father.


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2 thoughts on “ancestors: 277/365

    • Dorothy, if the photo is earlier than 1907, then I think it needs to be around 1890, or 1892 at the latest. Which would make one of those little girls my great grandmother instead of my grandmother. These old photos are priceless, and fascinating–a peak into the past.


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