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Would Batman really get married?

On Thanksgiving Eve 1966, and all Thanksgiving Day, that was all I could think about. Marsha, Queen of Diamonds, had said “I do,” but we would have to wait until that night to find out if Batman was going to say, “I do,” too.

If he does say it, he’ll be married to Marsha and give away the location of the Batcave, though if he says no he’ll risk losing Chief O’Hara, Robin, and Commissioner Gordon forever as they’ll stay in Marsha’s clutches as she’ll not have the Bat Diamond.

Every year in Atlanta beginning in 1948 and extending well into the 1990’s, on Thanksgiving Day, a giant Christmas tree was lit on top of Rich’s Department Store. The whole family would pile into the current station wagon–no seat belts of course–to see it, thereby heralding in the Christmas season. I have fond memories of this magical Christmas tradition.

Except for 1966.

As I mentioned, Batman was supposed to get married. Just as the show was about to come on, my parents began to herd us to the car. “I’m not going,” I announced. I was nine. It did not go well, and I would never know if Batman got married. I was a real jerk about it.

Except, through the miracle of modern science, tonight I found out how it all went down. If you’d like to know too, tune in–same bat time, same bat channel.


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