europe 1967: 237/365


“In Florence we went to a fashion show… One of the designers asked Cindy 3 times to model. She would not. Then he mentioned it to entire group. Only one other time has she been shy–it was about dancing and she completely stiffened! I am counting the days to return. She is not. Says she is having a good time.”

My grandmother Buddy took me to Europe in 1967 when I was ten. I just found this postcard she wrote to my parents. It felt good to know that I’ve always loved to travel and that I’ve never liked being the center of attention.


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4 thoughts on “europe 1967: 237/365

  1. You and me both, sister. What fun to find such an old postcard, and from your grandmother! I know there are some old European postcards from me to my parents from 1969-70 in my mother’s stuff (I was in boarding school; they were home), but it’s embarrassing to read what I wrote. It shouldn’t be, though, huh?


    • Ha, Anne. And nope, shouldn’t be embarrassing to read our old postcards home–but I know what you mean. I almost threw away an old photo of myself today for that very reason, but I kept it. ‘Cause that was me at one point along the way.


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