shock: 233/365

Friday night on the way to pick up dinner I was stopped at a light, and then bam, like a bomb. Reflexively, I screamed and put my hands over my head. It took me a second to figure out what had happened–rear-ended.

The guy in the red Ford SUV got out of his car and asked if I was ok. Which I said I thought I was. Later, when I stepped out of the car after calling 911, I realized my head and neck hurt, as well as my right shoulder and my low back on the right side. Later still, as I put my foot on the accelerator to head home, I would realize my right foot hurt.

After the policeman arrived, he talked to me and then talked to the guy, and then brought me the guy’s insurance info. The policeman said, “You should know he’s saying you rolled back into him.”

Really? A person would just lie like that. Put me down in the naive category.

When I got home, I took 2 Advil and was fine the next morning. And thankful.


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13 thoughts on “shock: 233/365

  1. Yikes. SO glad you’re okay.

    Beautifully written vignette (is that the correct word?) with such fine structure. And the shock in the title first the accident and then the lie.

    But most of all, so glad you’re okay. (Hope your car is too. And I believe a decent mechanic will be able to tell from the damage that you were hit with force, not that you rolled back. But I may only believe that because I read it in a novel)


  2. Glad you’re OK..scary as heck. This exact scenario happened to us at a light..I drove with one eye focused on my rearview mirror for the next 6 months- exhausting! 😩


  3. Dr. Louise–thanks for noticing the structure and the title : ) And yes, I took the car in yesterday for an estimate, and that’s exactly what the mechanic said.


  4. A shock indeed. I’m so glad you’re okay, Cynthia! (And what a jerk!)

    The same thing happened to me a couple of years ago, and I was sore for a week, but okay, as well. Luckily, the guy who hit me immediately accepted full responsibility. I hope this man’s version doesn’t create any hassles with insurance.


  5. So scary. If I were you, based on what’s happened to a couple of friends who were rear-ended, I would go to an orthopod or someone who can check you out for whiplash. These effects can be delayed. Your body is the important body here! Sounds as if you’re meeting this with your usual grace!


  6. I did not expect this post to end like this! I can’t believe the other driver lied! Having just experienced this, I feel so outraged that the other driver tried to blame you. And here I was aggravated the driver who hit me claimed to have let her foot off the brake rather than admit she’d hit the accelerator. I’m still fascinated that we both had this experience during our projects, and I feel so grateful neither of us was hurt!

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  7. I know–looking back on it now, the lying looks like another little bump the universe threw at me, like see how insidious it is, how it can affect everything, and how hard you must fight for the truth.

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  8. I hadn’t even thought about the lie being another bump from the universe, another startling aspect of the event. It has me thinking this morning about the way truth requires courage. Yes, we must fight hard for the truth. We must be courageous.

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