intention cards: 231/365

At Canyon Ranch, after you receive a service, you have the option of choosing an intention card. I received two that I kept and both fell out of my Whole30 book this morning when I picked it up.

IMG_0283IMG_0286Breath: There is nothing more practical than breath, and nothing more mystical. Breath is the bridge between body and mind–you, too, can cross it.

Your Journey: Health is not a destination; it’s a journey. Along the way you make choices that determine where your journey takes you.

Health became my focus on July 30th when I arrived at Canyon Ranch, but it wasn’t until the day after I left, August 4th, that I started the Whole30. So nothing stops for me today.

I hope your last day of August is full of breathing health and, as I used to say to the kids as I would leave them at a party or as they walked out the door with keys in their hands, and as I just said to child #4 when we left him in North Carolina for his senior year of college, make good choices.

*my healthy action today: breathing in health and keepin’ on going


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