ziploc: 226/365

imagesI use A LOT of ZipLoc bags–gallon size, quart size, snack size. No freezer ones, though. I use them for left-overs of course, but also to create a serving from a giant bag of, for example, peanuts (back when I used to eat peanuts) and for toiletries, medicine, pencils and pens, ink cartridges, to keep a few of those dental floss stick thingys in my purse (why don’t they make purse-size packs for those), and for the contents of my purse when I’m packing and can only have 2 carry-ons. I’m always asking, “Do you want a ZipLoc for that?”

*my healthy action today: keepin’ on keepin’ on


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9 thoughts on “ziploc: 226/365

  1. I love your blog. I also love that it’s waiting for me first thing in the morning in my inbox. Thank you for writing, and for writing every single day.


  2. Cynthia… ME TOO! Fancy that, eh?
    My ‘zippy’ of choice… Safeway’s ‘Classic’ Brand
    NO logos… NO labels… available in all sizes… 🙂

    *My healthy action for this day was:
    researching the health benefits of Black Coffee (lol)
    and the myth on drinking 8 glasses of water a day!


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