days of bubbles: 224/365

Not only are the munchkins visiting, but we’re all visiting my parents in Atlanta. Three carseats would not fit in the back of my Prius so I rented a huge car like I used to drive when my kids were little. But when I was little, there were no seat belts, much less carseats. We used to roll around in the back of a station wagon.

*my healthy action today: eating whole30 on the go
–Just one week left in Healthy August!


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  1. Very adorable kids! I too grew up in the fly around in the back of the Willys Jeep era, and later one after another constantly breaking down VW Microbus decked out with hearts. When we had the pop-top bus, we six kids stood on the seats and poked our heads out the top. As toddlers, we sat on the back of the Willys with our feet dangling as Dad drove along the ocean shore! Have to say some of my most exciting childhood memories. And as we drove those endless adventures, most of the eight or so of us sang folk songs and old labor union songs and spirituals in four-part harmony too. We girls and my parents sang, anyway. My brothers punched us on the arm.


  2. Bubbles?! I don’t see any bubbles… 😦
    Munchkins… YES! And they look like YOU!

    pssst… my version of the back seat…
    2 x 6 planks balanced on milk crates… both sides
    of the windowless body of a ‘56 Pontiac Wagon
    … the predecessor to our modern day SUV!

    *my healthy action today:
    ‘Parking’ my head & following my intuition… 🙂


  3. Thanks, Kirie. All the bumping and dangling and singing sounds like loads of fun : ) There were five of us but nobody could sing! Hope you’re enjoying a new computer by now : )


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