late bloomer: 220/365

If you’re looking for something perky, click away. I’m as tired and sleepy as I have been in ages. That tiny burst of energy I had on day 8 and again on day 12 has been replaced by a thick lethargy that I imagine as my carb-burning wheels grinding to a halt and miniature factory workers unfurling blueprints on stone tables looking for a new plan. I’ve officially joined ranks with those Whole-30-ites who are late bloomers in the energy and good sleep departments. Oh well.

*my healthy action today: sticking to it


 365 true things about me
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4 thoughts on “late bloomer: 220/365

  1. As you note, there is a new plan; the under construction phase sucks at times. Good for you for renovating.

    My healthy action for the day: vegan choices for the day after my birthday. Actually, I did quite well both days.


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