cracking the code: 213/365

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I just now finished a story I first started in 2004. Yep, 2004. I worked on it consistently for several years and then would go back to it between novels, but I hadn’t worked on it since 2010 when I submitted it to a graduate school workshop my first residency. Last month I brought it up here to take another crack at it.

The things I felt were important to the story never did make sense. For example, it’s about Ansley, but I felt strongly it was Nora’s story to tell.

Well, I finally cracked the code. I’ll send it out next week and see what happens.

afternoon walk

*my healthy action today: 2 walks even though I have no energy


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7 thoughts on “cracking the code: 213/365

  1. Cracking the code on a piece of writing brings such energy, doesn’t it?

    My healthy action for the day: accepting the meditative state was my main action for the day.


  2. ‘Cracking the code’… reminds me of The Avengers…
    and my heroine… Mrs. Peel. Brava, Cynthia… 🙂

    Writing… CHECK! Eating… CHECK! Walking… CHECK!
    Sleeping… ??? (regarding no energy)

    My healthy action for the day:
    Arranging a coffee date with a dear friend… RARE!


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