cocktail sauce: 210/365


Here’s my eating life pre-W30: I grab a hunk of cheese and a few Melba toast as I’m running out the door. I grab a piece of cheese toast cut into 9 small bites so I can get back to my desk to write. I grab a bowl of chips dusted with parmesan to put beside me while I read. One-handed food. Small bites. Quick. Oh, and uh, cheese.

That said, from an intellectual standpoint, I recognize that what I put into my body matters. And I feel, after all these years, that I owe my body some healthy eating.

*my healthy action today: although it boggles the mind, I attempted to make cocktail sauce from tomato paste because you can’t freaking buy it without sugar.


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11 thoughts on “cocktail sauce: 210/365

  1. I can’t/won’t give up cheese, but I can (will…) eat more fruit. And veggies. And I try to stay away from sugar–unless it’s in the company of Ben and Jerry. Speaking of whom…!


  2. A friend once referred to cheese as “the gateway drug.” Ruined all my illusions that cheese is actually a healthy and sustaining food though I kept on eating large quantities of that delicious drug in its many forms for at least five more years. We now “abstain” (took some convincing around here). Writing food is now, um, coffee with honey. Reading food is now carrot sticks (fresh organic sweet carrots from local farms). Running out the door/driving food is – oh no, Mozarella balls!!!! And organic red grapes!!!! Oh no, you’re forcing me to get honest! But M-balls don’t have any fat in them, do they?


  3. Speaking of Cheese… Camel Milk anyone?
    Camel Milk Health and Wellness Book
    StyleCraze-23 July 2015: Amazing Health Benefits of Camel Milk

    (if these links fail… please go to my blog post… August 11th… 🙂

    *Healthy action for today:

    ‘Stepping out’ of the kitchen…
    once the evening meal was prepared…
    taking a ‘cat nap’ and returning
    to join hubby at the table…
    feeling ‘as if’ our meal had been
    prepared by somebody else!


  4. For future reference, there Westbrae Natural Vegetarian Unsweetened Ketchup that I use. However, it does have <1 gr of Maltodextrin; maybe for use after Whole30????

    My healthy action for today, another good energy day, is more of the same–aim for even in writing, chores, errands. I may even get a moment in my favorite park. We'll see.



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