positive: 207/365

The title of the last post began with “not” and the one before that with “no,” so something positive today maybe? Well I’m still calm from the spa, like I have a base-level calm. And I took the time to sit at the table for two meals today and do nothing but eat. Which was so weird it felt like meditation. And the sugar-free bacon was delicious. I hope I’m not going to write about food for the remaining 27 days…

*my healthy action today: strength training.


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13 thoughts on “positive: 207/365

  1. Popping in to say that I passed my Viva, with no corrections!!! I’m a Doctor!!! I celebrated with a meal that was not Whole 30ish in any way . . .I think my healthy action for today was eliminating that massive ball of stress from my life. (I’d been very worried about the Viva. Which maybe was also a good thing because I was well prepared.) Thanks for all your encouragement! 🙂 Louise


  2. time today… to slow it all down…
    to pace myself…
    to time my meds
    with the daily chores
    to record food intake & food output… 🙂

    *healthy action for today:
    taking an extra med for nausea & feeling OK about that…


  3. Love the concept of “base level calm.” I try to start my days visualizing my internal dial set on low..this way I’m better able to adjust to, and absorb, unexpected issues that pop up..(kinda like LOUD, annoying commercials) ..interrupting my day.


    • Thanks, Cindy. Good idea. It was so easy to go to a meditation class at the spa and to start my day full of intention, visualizing calm. I know it’s good for me. I can still feel it. But as yet, I haven’t yet been able to do it since I’ve been back in the real world : (

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  4. On this day, my healthy action was having a physical, the first in at least six years, maybe longer. I had turned away from traditional medicine but recent events brought me back; I am fortunate to have found a primary physician who told me “you are doing exactly what you need to do for lupus.” That would be meditation, diet, and yoga. All of my blood tests were great, which was not true when I left traditional medicine.

    For me, the “meditative state” occurs all through my day so I am not surprised you felt a bit meditative while eating. Makes sense that you may write about food for the rest of this month. After all, you are changing your body, and that is something to write about!



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