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I’m afraid this could get ugly. It’s 6:45 on Day 3 of my Whole30, and I believe the the sole purpose of this thing is to take all the FUN out of eating. To teach people that FOOD is not about FUN; it’s about NOURISHMENT and putting good things into your body. 😁

*my healthy action today: I’m eating for health.


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  1. I know the feeling, I suspect. Five years ago, I changed my diet as well as the way I met each day. Truly, it was ugly for a while but my enjoyment of eating did return. I did not follow one program but researched food, in particular food that reduces inflammation, and built my diet around that.

    My healthy action for today: spent most of the day in bed listening to a book. I am definitely in a flare-up of Sjogren’s (attacks the body’s moisture glands) and rest (without stressing about resting) is the best thing I can do for my body.


  2. Karen, my eating habits had deteriorated so much that all I really wanted were things I could grab from the pantry or fridge with zero preparation–like cheese and Cape Cod potato chips and candy… I definitely needed a reset. One of my hopes is that my enjoyment of vegetables will return. The Whole30 is built on reducing inflammation and on real food, which is why I chose it. I’m sorry you weren’t feeling well today but good for you for taking care of yourself by staying in bed with a book.

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  3. Cynthia… I could sense this coming… on the heels of your post: NO Cheese!?!
    With me… it was all about cookies & coming to love fruit again. Green Apples
    are my daily mainstay… and most symbolic of eating healthy, me thinks… 🙂

    *my healthy action for today: TAKING ACTION on securing my meds.
    Patient Relations at SAAD Specialist Hospital responded promptly to my
    Patient Complaint Letter and we got me the medicine prescribed by The
    Good Doctor. It never got ugly… it just took all day! Mission Accomplished.


  4. A few decades ago, some friends of ours, one of them with bad allergies/asthma, went on an anti-allergen diet and had wonderful results. David suffers from chronic congestion, so we decided to follow their lead. The diet involved cutting out everything one tests allergic to (milk products–yes, cheese; wheat–yes, bread; most nuts; etc.), then rotating what’s left across four days. After a few weeks of that diet, we found we were OBSESSING about food, and not in a good way. We quit. Our friends continue to follow their diet, quite happily. We continue to enjoy food. That was a clear example of the eat-to-live/live-to-eat divide for us.

    That said, paying attention to what we eat is important, and I applaud you for your efforts! I have a book called The Good Mood Diet that I keep meaning to pull down and try to follow. You might just get me to do it….


  5. The Whole30 is quite similar to what I did. Like you, my eating habits were poor, and I knew my health was suffering. Good for you for going with this before it affected your health. And again, thank you for letting us join you this month! 🙂


  6. Yeah, I hear you, Anne. Luckily, between securing the food, preparing the food, and eating the food, there’s not much time left to OBSESS about food. A Good Mood Diet sounds like something I need right about now…


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