8 thoughts on “no cheese: 205/365

  1. Yesterday Mark and I ended up walking three miles. Our collie is fourteen and literally on her last legs. We give her the option of walking a first mile loop with us. If she takes us up on it, that adds a mile to the two we do at a more brisk pace once she’s completed her stumbly one. Today I did my yoga and meditation, but just little walks because we drove into Port Townsend, an hour each way, and I researched what Macbook to order!!! Odd how scared I am to do something really good for myself, like work on something that actually works! A major writing buddy from the World (he’s thirty, lives all over Europe and Asia and the US, and just landed the top agency in the country to represent his first novel) called while I completed my order. Doesn’t that mean something? I think it means healthy action! He also has a really cool job researching pain and interviewing film makers, writers and artists about chronic pain. Stand by. He pays people who want to contribute. He’s sending details.


    • Four different ways of taking care of yourself–walking, yoga, meditation, macbook… Keep me posted on your purchase. And how exciting for your writing buddy! Definitely good vibes moving in your direction.


  2. Say ‘Cheese Please’… Parmegano… per chance?
    lightly grated on your favourite greens… 🙂

    *my healthy action today:
    unwrapping NEW summer dresses…
    makes this girl… feel good!
    … under her requisite black robe…
    in the heat of The Arabian Desert’s Sun!


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