stretch: 203/365


Today is the last day at the spa. In just a few hours I will be tossed back to the wolves where it will be harder to make good choices. But I’m ready. I can only exercise three hours a day for so long…

The woman giving me a pedicure just said not to try too hard to get rid of the callus on my foot, that it was there for a reason. Yes, I’m writing my post while getting a pedicure–it’s more relaxing than thinking about writing it.

Did anyone notice (I didn’t until just now) that August first’s post was number 201–which means that we have an easy way to keep up with our august-being-healthy project : )

*my healthy action today: a stretch class.


 365 true things about me
why this daily practice

9 thoughts on “stretch: 203/365

  1. Thanks, Cynthia, for clarifying that we can post our healthy daily activity day by day rather than all in the August first conversation. Today my computer seized up yet once again as I try to work on some challenging material (try the folder name, for starters: Family Honor: Rape and Shame). So my one healthy thing about writing was gratitude that I’d showed up to write, even if I’m not sure it will be saved. The snafu finally forced me to commit to buying a Macbook Air. I’ve been using a desktop which means I’m tethered to writing indoors at a desk. It’s taken me several years to assert myself with Husband that I am really serious about going Mac. As I’ve said I’d do this many times before, please feel free to call me on this if I don’t have a Mac by the end of August!

    Exercise: did my yoga and meditation, and as soon as I finish this post I’m going to do a two-mile walk in the forest with Husband!


    • Ha, Kirie. I have adored my Macbook Airs–their size and portability and I love my new 12 inch Macbook (really great battery life with a retina display). I tried a desktop a few years ago when I got a standing desk but I didn’t like having two computers–and I have to have one I can travel with. I will be awaiting your purchase announcement : ) Yoga AND meditation AND a WALK–woohoo!


  2. Meant to tell you that I am in for this healthy project. Every morning is an hour’s meditation so that will be yesterday’s. Saturday, I made stewed tomatoes from fresh off the vine; Sunday, I listened to a book on a CD, as it was a high pain day. The rest was what I needed. Today, I took the time to cook a lovely brunch of fresh vegetables and homemade ginger tea.


  3. Cynthia… Yes… did notice… and thought you had planned it that way!

    I’m with Karen… love ‘our august-being-healthy project’ ~;)

    *my healthy action today:
    “I take my meds. I try to stay… as the doctors say, compliant.”
    as was so aptly writ by Richard McCann
    Catching Days: How we spend our days: Richard McCann


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