august: 201/365


This month I’m going do one good thing for my health each day.

Join me!

It could be as simple as picking up the phone to make that doctor’s appointment we’ve been procrastinating about, choosing grilled over fried, walking thirty minutes after work, or meditating away some stress.

One good thing for our health each day this month.

If you’d like a place to be accountable, please feel free to report in each day even if your healthy thing has nothing to do with the post.

Happy Healthy August!

*my healthy action today: a core conditioning class.


 365 true things about me
why this daily practice

14 thoughts on “august: 201/365

  1. Just went kayaking. Pulled out by some cliffs that were hot with the west-moving sun. Dove in and back-floated in the thick salt sea. Climbed out onto the hot rocks and breathed. All the shoulds – I let them melt away. Kayaking back quietly, the baby harbor seals swam right up to the kayaks.


  2. I’m in, too! I’ve been meaning to get my blood test done to check why I’m so tired all the time. Have postponed it for over a year now, but this is the month I’m going to do this!


  3. So where do we check in if we do our good healthy action each day? Here? Well, here on Day 2 of August, I took a two-mile walk with my husband at dusk, even though I’d walked first thing this morning with husband and collie, and then down the cliffs to the beach and back with a friend and child. I was ‘too tired’ to do the final walk but my body thanked me for going along!


    • Kirie, I should have been more clear–sorry. On this post is of course fine, so feel free to keep adding on here. Or feel free to check in on the post for the day on which you do your thing : ) So, for example, feel free to repost this same comment on August 2nd… The main thing is that three walks in one day is so good for you!


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