hair: 198/365

For as long as I can remember, I’ve gotten my hair trimmed every 4 months. I make my appointments at the beginning of the year and then I show up. Judy knows I don’t want to spend any time on my hair so she does all the work. Still, I would never go out of the house with wet hair.

Over the winter I had a crisis of volume and even bought electric rollers (!) to try to solve it. Things were heading in the wrong direction.

I would like my hair to look good, but I don’t care enough to spend much time on it. I had a memorably bad short hair cut at one point. Still, I always kind of thought short hair was more “me.”

On a whim, back in the spring, I went short (and red). Immediately I loved it, but it took a couple of months to get the cut the way I wanted it. And then I had to figure out how to fix it. Last month I managed to make it look the same 3 days in a row, but on day number 4, it was different. I have no idea why.

So I’ve given up control. And I’ve given up the blow dryer. I walk out of the bathroom–and out the door–with wet hair. Let it do what it wants.



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16 thoughts on “hair: 198/365

  1. Seems like we have very similar hair experiences. (See my post earlier this month.) I’ve always said that if I won the lottery one of the things I would do is hire a personal hairdresser who would even travel with me!


  2. Heading to the hairdresser today.. I always play with the idea of doing something drastically different….going red, going short, GETTING BANGS!!..and then I plop into the stylist’s chair and hear myself say the following words..”just a trim please..” 😏..yawn.


  3. The shorter look is really cute!! I can relate to the volume problem! Hair with waves and any curl takes on a life of its own in the humidity. Someone should have told me that before I moved to the south!


  4. I totally get the hair thing. When I’m in NYC or SoCal, where there are really great stylists, I have my hair styled and colored regularly and get a tiny taste of what it must be to have a personal stylist. One of these women actually does stars and billionaires, and yes indeed, she flies on the private jet, chooses the clothes, dresses the person, does her make up and hair. I guess if one’s life is one’s looks, such care is necessary.

    When I’m back in the woods, I color my own hair with a kit said stylist provided for me, but although Stylist has had me purchase professional dryers and hot rollers, and a flat iron, these items sit on shelves and in drawers. Easier to just tie the whole mess back and get on with it. People in the PNW, at least in the rural area where I live, just don’t do their hair.

    But it is really fun to mess with it like that when in the city.


    • Oh yeah, a flat iron. And what about the bottles… I have no idea what they’re for anymore. Periodically I’ll scoop them into a bag and drag them with me to an appointment to ask why I have them. I love this: “easier to just tie the whole mess back and get on with it.” But I never did like my hair tied back. I have always left it down–another reason I’m so enjoying the short hair.


  5. Haha I can relate! I absolutely hate spending time on my hair – which didn’t bode well for the super long hair with lots of volume I had in college. Luckily, I got brave and chopped off all my hair 8 years ago and never looked back!


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