recovering: 195/365

When I got to the halfway point in this practice 12 days ago, I was excited, yes, but I was also thinking this is just now halfway-I have to do this many again… And today I’m just plain sick of myself. I don’t want to know what I’m thinking or feeling. I know some of you are thinking you’re only now sick of yourself? In any event, yes, I’m sick of myself and tired of writing these things. I had a very stressful day, relatively speaking. I accidentally deleted 6000 photos and had to spend 5 hours recovering them, But they are recovered. And I will be too one of these days.


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  1. Oh oh oh. So much of this resonates with me! I’m way behind you, and just the other day I had my first blank day–though I rallied. As for being sick of oneself, there is a delicate balance in this practice (which was my sticking point the other day, I’m pretty sure–now that you mention it). I admire you for sometimes being super pithy. I need to emulate you on that front. And I’m SO glad you recovered those photos! Yikes!


  2. Yikes! SO pleased you managed to recover your photos. And just FYI, one reader over here is totally NOT sick of you! (What I am sick of – rain. Over the past week we have had ALL the rain.) Hope you have a good Monday.


  3. Those blank days are something, aren’t they, Anne? You may be behind me, but you’re a 365-day veteran. I had several of those blank days at the beginning, and it was like no matter what I did, I couldn’t think of ANY truth about myself. Maybe you would write a post about that delicate balance you’re talking about.


  4. Louise, omg, I was adding dates to photos and all of a sudden 10 years were missing, and my computer was freezing up and showing no deleted photos. I couldn’t figure out what had happened. I’m sure my blood pressure went through the roof. I was having to talk myself down. I walked away. And when I came back, it showed over 6000 deleted photos! So glad you’re not sick of me : ) Hope you’re now having sunny skies…


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