movies: 193/365

Last night Cal and I watched 21 Grams (2003)–which shows the lives of 3 characters before, during, and after an accident that brings them together. Directed by Iñárritu, nonlinear, and stunning. Tonight it’s the other end of the spectrum. We’re kicking off a Diane Lane film festival, starting with her first film–A Little Romance (1979)which takes place in France and Italy. She was 14 years old then, and now she’s 50. The tilt of her head, the sparkle in her eyes, the way she scrunches her eyes together, her smile–there at 14 and still there at 50.


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2 thoughts on “movies: 193/365

  1. Oh yeah, I love rediscovering an actor or actress and going on a private mini-film fest! And yeah, Diane Lane! I’ve never seen 21 Grams, though I’ve wanted to. Time to bump it into (and to the top of) my Netflix queue….


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