slips: 189/365

I grew up wearing slips; I had a drawer full. Half slips, whole slips, all different lengths and colors. I recently bought a black dress that’s somewhat see-thru, and I asked the salesperson if I needed to wear a slip? It didn’t feel right not to. “Honey,” she said. “No more slips.”


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6 thoughts on “slips: 189/365

  1. I still wear slips if it’s cold or if a dress seems too sheer. It may be old-fashioned, but I was raised in Texas by a Southern belle. She’s been gone for 14 years and to this day I can hear her say, “A lady ALWAYS wears a slip!” I guess I’ll wear a slip all the way to my funeral when wearing a dress…


  2. I still have ’em in my drawer..three lengths, all slightly yellowed. Frankly, I was happy to graduate into the world of silky slips after years suffering under those itchy petticoats! 😬


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