out walking: 185/365


According to my Fitbit, I’ve walked 782.39 miles so far this year, which, if my math is right, means I average 3.9 miles a day. Sometimes I forget to wear it, but if I have it on, which I usually do, it measures every step I take, not just those when I go out specifically to walk.

Today I walked 5.93 miles.


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4 thoughts on “out walking: 185/365

  1. I’ve been using an UP Band, pretty much the same thing, though mine doesn’t tell me mileage, just steps–and it certainly isn’t so thorough as to tell me how many steps for the year. I hadn’t worn it since January, but started again when we went to Norway. Biggest day: 32,447 steps (about 16 miles). Since I’m back, I keep forgetting to wear it. Maybe because I don’t want to be reminded how little exercise I’m getting. (Maybe I’ll do my blog post for today about the UP Band. What an excellent idea! And by the way, CONGRATULATIONS on reaching the halfway point! I am far behind you, but I’ll get there, I trust.)


    • Thanks, Anne. Fitbit has a website that will show totals for any period you select–I almost chose 185 days instead of the calendar year : ) I think 28,545 is my record step day. Good luck on reaching your halfway point–I’m looking forward to catching up with your days!


  2. Yay for Fitbits! I’ll have had mine for a year on August 9th, and am, as of today, at a yearly total of 2,049 miles. (I wear it all the time – my husband might mutter “obsessive” under his breath.) This post reminds me that we briefly discussed psychogeography a few months ago: three books you might enjoy are Robert Macfarlane’s The Old Ways, Iain Sinclair’s London Orbital, and Merlin Coverley’s The Art of Wandering: The Writer as Walker. Hope you have a super walk today. Louise


    • Wow–that is a lot of miles, Louise. We have quite a few serious walkers here–the two of you plus Darrelyn and Betsy. Makes me want to step up my game. Thanks for the list of books. I’m having a hard time choosing which one to start with… Happy trails.


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