days: 167/365


The sun comes up around 5:30. Cal gets up around 6:00 for reading and coffee. I get out of bed around 7:15. After a cup of tea we walk down our steps to go for a swim. At 8:15 breakfast is delivered (I told you it was paradise), and we eat inside in a room where the doors slide into each other so that we’re practically outside. I’ve been doing a lot of staring into the ocean and sky, but I’m getting some reading done. Around 9:45, we set out for a walk–around the island, then up a steep hill for an incredible view, then down the other side–about 50 minutes to an hour. Then swimming and/or snorkeling and reading and staring. One of those tropical drinks I mentioned, and a lunch of grilled fish and salad. Nap time. Swimming. Reading. Staring. Another tropical drink and then a walk to dinner. A walk home under the stars and some bedtime reading.


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6 thoughts on “days: 167/365

  1. Kathleen, we were in Petit St. Vincent– Hilary, we actually did have a massage that day! I just didn’t mention it b/c it wasn’t something we did every day. But it was amazing–up in a little hut in a treehouse, open air. We could hear the waves. Anne, Dorothy, Captain–yes, yes, yes…


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