wishing and hoping: 163/365

I’m aware, as I write these posts, not only of who I am but also of who I’d like to be. In years past, I have actually squished who I am into the bottle labeled who I’d like to be, or who I thought I should be–with parts of me poking out any available air holes. Another reason for my current state of confusion.

Who I am can encompass who I’d like to be, just as it can encompass who I’ve been, but who I’d like to be is not who I am at this moment.

Who I am is who I am–wishing and hoping aside.


 365 true things about me
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4 thoughts on “wishing and hoping: 163/365

  1. We are the sum total of our existence. We evolve with each new experience, with each person we meet. The possibilities really are endless. And it is really impossible to predict or even pretend to know exactly where we are going or what we will be. You think you are on a certain path. Is that really the right course? Are you limiting yourself and missing opportunities that you cannot even imagine? I prefer to go where life leads me. Plan A, B and C have all been chucked. Not always by my choice. I don’t really have a plan anymore. I’m just living my life. I try to be kind and help people when I can. And for now, that is enough.
    I realize this answers nothing for you. And it shouldn’t. Your path is your own. You may never be satisfied. And that’s okay. For once you become that person you think you need to be, does that mean you are done? Is that the end?
    Maybe just try to enjoy where you are at right now. Life is too short to do anything else.


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