the wild rumpus: 159/365

I went to an adorable baby shower today for my daughter-in-law–Where The Wild Things Are quotes and characters. And here’s what I have to say–I cannot stand to dress up. I don’t feel like myself in anything but comfortable clothes. Perhaps it was just the heels–which my daughter said weren’t even high enough to count as heels. Or perhaps it was the scarf draped across my shoulders–a scarf I like and that looked good but that as an accessory was so not me. I’m 58 years old–I have got to learn to choose clothes (and shoes) I can be comfortable in.


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17 thoughts on “the wild rumpus: 159/365

  1. I agree 100 percent about comfortable clothes (and shoes), and about accessories like scarves. Some people seem to manage to dress so nicely AND be comfortable. I’m not one of them. Sometimes I wish I were, but it’s too late now.


    • I do wish I were able to dress nicely AND be comfortable, but it has never been true. Perhaps you’re right, Anne. Maybe it’s time to know that about myself and move on.


    • Oh, I loved this one, Tricia. All the tiny soft things and the new children’s books I didn’t know about–I bet you will feel differently when the shower is for your very own grandchild.


  2. I’m 59 and will be 60 in late September. This has been the most transforming year in memory. I’ve gone through changes in my life, but they came about slowly. This year I feel myself changing, and it feels like I’m being pulled. Pulled away from some things and into others. In other words, pulled into old age. Every day, I spend hours walking. My feet and toes are blistered, and I just patch them and keep going. While walking I think about how I’d like to spend my 60s and 70s and 80s, and I like the place those thoughts take me. Walking is top on my list, comfortable shoes and clothes, and saying no to wedding and baby showers (unless they are for my children and grandchildren). And when I do accept an invitation, I’ll wear whatever I want, and I’ll wear a hat. I’ve decided to be an old lady who wears hats, grows tomatoes, and raises chickens for as long as I can stand.


    • Darrelyn, what a wonderfully peaceful comment. Thanks so much for taking the time to write it up here–you should post on your blog too, with a picture of you in a hat : ) I’m jealous of all the walking (even the blisters) and all the thinking. This is where I want to get to: “And when I do accept an invitation, I’ll wear whatever I want.” Good for you. I also wanted to say that your writing here reminded me so much of my all-time-fav Ellen Gilchrist. Also also, you would have loved this shower with all of its Wild Things–on the food table there was a watermelon boat complete with sail and a tiny blackboard reading “I’m going to eat you up!”


    • Thanks for the posts about comfortable clothes. And everything else in this wonderful saga, everyone! I find soft organic cottons that fit nicely (not baggy but not tight) work best for me. But my mother always said to dress up for going out, and I try to do that – minus heels, though. Won’t do that to myself any more! I love Darrelyn’s post about walking until her feet blister. I keep track of my walking, yoga, and meditation as well as my writing and submissions. In June, I walked/hiked 44 times in 30 days! Writing earned a count of 22. It’s easier for me to walk for miles because I’m in the moment. Walking a few stairs up to my study overlooking Dabob Bay – well, that’s more of a challenge.


  3. It’s good to know yourself and what makes you comfortable. I’m usually one for comfortable clothing, which fits my hermitic life in Maine as a writer/artist very well, but I must confess that I enjoy dressing up for a special occasion as long as my shoes don’t pinch. Have you tried Aerosole, Dansk and Arche?


  4. We spend so much of our lives dressing like what we think we should look like. What does it take to be comfortable in one’s own skin? I still have to find that ‘look’ that is totally ‘me’. If my Pinterest boards are any indication, I like colourful, loose clothing, lots of chunky silver jewellery and beautiful shoes (not crazy high heels). Wonder why I’m having such a hard time translating that into real life! 🙂


    • I like black, simple lines, no frills and no fuss–casual not fancy. Jeans and jackets. And boots. Short, loose dresses for summer with flat sandals. No pointy heels. Comfortable but not sack-ish. And I’m going to work on translating THAT into real life. Thanks for the inspiration, Miss F.


  5. Long time no visit, Cynthia! I’ve missed I don’t know how many of your “days,” but it couldn’t be helped. Now that I’m catching up on life post-conference/pre-surgery, I’m hoping to stop by more often again. I already know I can’t catch up on the couple of months I’ve missed during this hiatus, so I’m not even considering it. I’m sure I missed a lot of good stuff, too!

    I love the theme of her baby shower, and I definitely prefer “comfortable” 🙂


    • Donna! Great to hear from you. The baby shower was precious–with wild things everywhere! And a copy of the book for guests to sign and Max cut-outs on the glasses. Best of luck with your surgery and speedy recovery!


      • Thanks, Cynthia 🙂 It’s the thyroid, but not for another month : /

        Obvioulsy, I just love the whole idea of doing something like a book for a theme 😀 I’ll have to start thinking about this for when the time comes with my daughter-in-law!


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