time zones: 150/365


I’m back in Tomales Bay for Writing by Writers Manuscript Boot Camp. The faculty readings with Pam Houston, Josh Weil, and Tom Barbash, are just about to start. Despite the fact that I arrived on the west coast yesterday, I’m struggling to stay awake. I’m not great with jumping time zones, not great when I’m tired, as I was reminded earlier in the week. When I hit tired, I have nothing to draw on, no reserves. I shut down. In fact, I just realized I was tensing my eyes; I didn’t even know that was possible. Now, relaxing them, I actually feel better. Ready to listen.


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4 thoughts on “time zones: 150/365

  1. Stay relaxed. I love the eucalyptus picture. Even though people want to chase them out, eucalypts are beautifully Californian. (And I will see you in Tomales in October. The thought makes me happy.)


  2. I had to ask Pam what kind of tree that was–we don’t grow eucalyptus that big in Georgia! And Karen told me yesterday you and Peggy would be here in October–yay. Makes me happy too : )


  3. Thanks, Megan. The workshop is wonderful, smaller than our others b/c of the intense focus on complete manuscripts. And with enough time for walking and letting the mind roam. I seem to kind of sink around 7-8 pm west coast time and then get a second wind around 9–so strange.


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