unfortunate: 149/365


I had an unfortunate experience last night with a Delta agent. I won’t go into the multitude of details, but I was on the phone for two hours of my very few hours at home with Cal. I should never have called to start with. I was tired. The agent kept making mistakes. I lost my temper. It wasn’t pretty. And I felt miserable after it was over, as if I had released a ton of bad energy into a world that doesn’t need anymore. Next time I hope to do better.


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2 thoughts on “unfortunate: 149/365

  1. Seems nobody responded to this, one, Cynthia! For some reason it just popped up in a search (I’m trying to pull a submission from a magazine because another magazine took it, and the site I need to pull from, for the life of me, will not load!) I don’t know why, but I find it funny that (a) you lost your temper and (b) that you didn’t go into details. I want to know the details of what losing one’s temper looks like and the details. Guess that’s the difference between a blog about true things and a story or memoir. When I go hiking with friends and we’re chatting, I make up stories about people we pass, landscapes, dogs, and then the cars parked at the trailhead. I’m not even aware I do it. It’s “I wonder if that guy with the two kids and the Aussie drove this BMW?” I wonder if all writers are like that. That’s what my friends attribute it to. I think I’m just curious. Or immature.

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    • Kirie, I can’t imagine why this post would pop up in a search, but thanks for leaving a comment so it’s no longer hanging out all by itself. I do remember saying ugly things during the phone call but none of the details–thank heavens. And I remember feeling really bad about the whole thing. I loved seeing the photo of the little bird again–from a hotel stay in California. I believe you make up all those details because you are a true storyteller.


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