self-sufficient II: 143/365

The thing is, I LOVE being self-sufficient. Getting myself from one place to another, figuring stuff out, having what I need. I love it.

It’s one of the things that makes me me.

I understand that there are other ways of being in the world. And I appreciate offers of help when they come my way, even if I choose to decline them.

There are also the words: self + sufficient. Which seem to exclude others. But to me, the words just mean I can be an entity unto myself if that’s what I choose. And I don’t always choose that. 

I know that as I age, there will come a day when, for example, I can’t hoist my suitcase into the overhead bin. If I’m lucky enough to get older, aging will at some point bring an end to my self-sufficiency. And I’ll think back fondly to when I was a girl of 58…

Photos from last night: Underneath the rising moon, the green light from the lighthouse across the harbor.


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6 thoughts on “self-sufficient II: 143/365

  1. I agree: I love being self-sufficient myself. And I am not looking forward to the day when I need help. But as I’ve gotten older (I’ve got a couple of years on you), I’ve learned to appreciate people’s heartfelt willingness to help others. It’s probably something that should be encouraged. In everyone.


  2. Agree. But now while everyone is little I ask for help more and it makes a big difference. Letting someone hold a child, etc. 🙂 but when it’s just me-I agree.


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