munchkins: 129/365


My mother is doing better but still in the hospital, and I have plenty of siblings to cover for me. So I was able to fly to Texas today as planned to visit with the munchkins. Also, I have bronchitis again–fourth time. This is turning into the year of being sick.

Last night I was asleep by eight o’clock. Which left a lot to do this morning to get off, and when I have a lot of stuff going on, I tend to pick up speed as I go. By the time I closed my suitcase, I was spinning like a top.


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9 thoughts on “munchkins: 129/365

  1. Fourth time! I hope you feel better FAST. And stay better.

    The munchkins are darlin’! Have a good time. I’m glad you have sibling support for your mom. That makes a world of difference.


  2. Cynthia… your munchkins are adorable !!! The circle of life…
    Re: “This is turning into a year of being sick.” … please note it is only May… 🙂
    BIG ((( hug )))… from saudi with love xxx


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