parenthood: 122/365


Riddle me this:

With as ready as I was to no longer be a full-time parent, why do I love movies and TV shows about families–Parenthood, Life as a House, Dan in Real Life, Stepmom, Safe Passage, The Family Stone, “Parenthood,” “The Fosters”…



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2 thoughts on “parenthood: 122/365

  1. Interesting. I share your love for these kinds of family stories, though I chose not to have children. Family stories both reassure us that others are as dysfunctional and as functional as we are and show us, sometimes in an idealized manner, the reasons having a family matters. Life As a House is a favorite film, which I now want to watch again. Its title also reminds me of another favorite family-story film, Two Family House, with wonderful Kelly Macdonald.


    • Katherine, as I received your comment the other night, I was pulling up Life As a House to watch again. It was soooo good. Looking forward to watching Two Family House. And I think that’s really telling that, though you chose not to have children, you enjoy these shows as much as I do–they must go to something at our core.

      Have you seen The Fosters?


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