the next thing: 121/365


For years and years I did the next thing–usually very happily. But it took writing to make me present in the moment.

In #116 I wrote, This minute, I’m doing the next thing. And that was, in fact, what I had been aware of before I sat down in the spa.

But the sentence wasn’t true because at that minute, I was present. I was smelling eucalyptus, listening to the Serbian band, and enjoying the feeling of the warm water on my feet. I was in the moment and then I wrote the post about those few minutes.


 365 true things about me
why this daily practice

2 thoughts on “the next thing: 121/365

  1. Interesting observation. And a nice object lesson in paying attention. When, and how, we do it. (If we do it. Which so often I don’t.)


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