my inner wild: 119/365


When we arrived in Provincetown on Saturday, there was a race going on. Cool t-shirt, I thought, liking the way it was divided into four squares… Which got me thinking about my own inner wild and what that might look like at this moment…

What’s in your inner wild?


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15 thoughts on “my inner wild: 119/365

  1. When I go to Europe I remember the Anne Tyler novel where the main character walked down the street and out of her life for a year! In my wild side I imagine how that could be accomplished with no harm done to family or friends!


  2. Love it that this spoke to you – I was in Provincetown last year finishing up the Ragnar Relay that you saw (my only time there, but hoping to run it again next year). My inner-wild-child is nagging at me to let go, buy a one-way ticket to Europe and a rail-pass to go with it. No plans, no reservations, and avoiding anywhere I’ve been before. Wondering when I’ll give in …


    • Susan, nice to know someone who participated in the R Relay. It looked like a lot of fun. And I like your inner-wild-child plan–a one-way ticket to Europe and a rail pass… oh yes.


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