narrator: 113/365


Ecole Champlain, 1970, in front of le theatre

Growing up, I was always the narrator in school plays–sitting on a high stool just behind the curtain. But at camp one summer, I was given a real part. The counselor in charge of the play ended up screaming at me to act–that’s what it took to get me to come out of my skin. I guess I’ve always played it pretty close to the vest.


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5 thoughts on “narrator: 113/365

    • Upon further reflection… ‘reserved’ seems more apt.
      Certainly true for me. Thou I have… all too often…
      ‘acted-out’ in airports and subsequently on the plane
      … something to do with feeling trapped.


  1. Helena, thanks for your comments. Close to the vest comes from card games–holding your cards close to your chest. So yes, reserved or private–not giving things up easily to others.


  2. I, too, was forced on-stage at Ecole to play Le Petit Prince. I remember it being part of the 30 days of “french-only.” I have a photo of myself, alone on stage with make-shift sets. And I remember Babe taking me aside for an embrace and congatulations. I just wanted to ride horses and swim.


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