california: 110/365


It’s a little after ten here in California where we’re visiting our son, and we just got back to our hotel room. I have no interest at all in writing this post. Which is interesting because someone just commented on #76 so it’s fresh in my mind. And that was where I was also dealing with some resistance about posting–and I happened to be writing that post while we were visiting, or after we had just visited, our daughter.

I’m sensing a pattern.

When I’m with family, I’m looking out instead of in. So it’s a big leap–much harder–to come here.


 365 true things about me
why this daily practice

8 thoughts on “california: 110/365

  1. Cynthia… I, too, had great difficulty on posting Day 108… coming home from a social gathering with our neighbours here… so much so that I got my days mixed up and
    posted Day 107… twice… now revised… with a new heading… ‘on meeting one’s neighbours’… ~;)
    Ditto on Anne’s comment… so glad you showed up! from saudi with love xxx


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